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Blingy brooch style bouquets for the discerning bride

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Why You Should Choose My Bouquets:
Price:  nearly always half the price of real flowers
Scent free - great for people with allergies/sensitivities
Insect free – silk doesn’t attract bees and other insects
Beautiful - long-lasting wedding bouquets look great all day and night
Last forever – how sad will you feel when you have to throw your real flowers out?
Colours – lots of colours are available
Lightweight - you can carry them easily (real flowers are heavy!)
Durable – can stand up to the activities of your wedding day, not temperature sensitive, and can be picked up and put down without damage
Ready to display after your wedding - just drop the handle into a sturdy vase
Advance delivery - you can be sure you have your flowers on time, and that everything you ordered is there, and the right colour
Always in season – whether you want daisies in December of poinsettias in July, they are available.
We have matching flowers for the rest of your wedding party - corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl baskets and balls, ring bearer pillows, toss bouquets
For more pizzazz, add rhinestones, crystals, beaded stems, curled metallic stems or feathers to your bouquet
Prices vary by bouquet size, type of flower and embellishments added.  Check the bouquet pages for prices.

Don't reject silk flowers because they are 'fake'. They will easily last as long as your marriage! Real flowers die. Why spend hundreds on something you throw away the next day? And so many people have allergies too.
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