You’re very busy planning your wedding, but you must remember this is the start of a marriage. Even if you are already living together, here are some questions you should ask each other before you make the marriage commitment.
Sex – what you like and don’t like
Money – are you spenders or savers? What are your goals for the future (house, children, trips)
Career – do you support your partner’s career choice? What are your job ambitions?
Kids – yes or no, how many
Division of Labour – who takes out the trash, does the dishes, laundry etc., what happens when someone doesn’t do their part
In Laws – how often can they visit you, how often you visit them, where you spend holidays, what to do if they interfere
Where is home – big city, suburbs, countryside, how big, keeping it within budget
Pet Peeves – those cute quirks will quickly turn to annoying after a while – can you put up with it, or if asked nicely, can your partner stop
You may want to write down your answers in case of future disagreement. It is OK to change your mind, but always talk it out with each other.
You want to end up like this,                    not this:
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